Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are binding on acceptance of any instruction from a client for the manufacture of laboratory work by J J Ceramics hereafter referred to as ‘JJ’s’, ‘us’, ‘our’, ‘we’, or ‘it’. These conditions can only be changed with our written consent.

We reserve the right to amend these terms in any way and at any time. These changes will be shown on our website at www.jjceramicsdental.com.au . Please refer to our website on a regular basis to view any changes.

Credit terms are strictly 30 days from statement date. Any balances outstanding may incur interest and administration costs as determined by us. Any special offers or discounted work will revert to the original price as per our pricelist if payment is not made according to these terms and conditions.

J J Ceramics will not enter into any private payment agreement with any third party or patient directly. Full liability for payment of the account is the sole responsibility of the client or their agent who has provided instruction for the manufacture of the work.

Payment can be made by credit card or electronic funds transfer. We do not accept American express or cheques. All credit card transactions will incur a surcharge not greater than what is levied to us by the banks on every transaction.

We reserve the right not to accept work from a customer. Credit is provided at our sole discretion and can be withdrawn at any time. We reserve the right to request advance payment from a customer.

Prices are available from us on request. Any quotes given are for the specific job quoted on and do not constitute an offer for other work. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse the offer of any promotional or special offers made to customers.

JJ’s will not take responsibility for jobs that are lost, damaged, or delayed in transit as we cannot control unforeseen delays or losses caused by postal or courier services. Risk of loss, damage or destruction to our product passes to you at the time of delivery. 

It is the responsibilty of the client to provide accurate instructions on the order slip for the manufacture of the work requested. JJ’s reserves the right to charge for any work that needs to be re-made due to incorrect or incomplete instructions. 

JJ’s reserves the right to charge a remake fee for all work that does not fit in the mouth due to distorted impressions or shade changes. All work is checked on duplicate models to ensure accuracy before it leaves the Laboratory. Shade matching to photographs is not guaranteed unless the shade is matched in the Laboratory.

JJ’s offers a warranty on all Laboratory work against defects in workmanship and materials that occurred during the manufacturing process.

Warranty periods are:  2 years on all crown and bridge work, 6 months on removable prosthetics and 3 months on splints, repairs and night-guards.

The damaged lab work must be returned for inspection and must have met the minimum manufacturing requirements as prescribed for the material used by the manufacturer for any warranty to be valid.

  • JJ’s has the right to void the warranty if we in our sole judgement find that the damage was caused by other factors not related to the manufacturing process.
  • All items that have met the warranty conditions will be replaced or repaired, (whichever option determined solely by JJ’s), using the same material. The item replaced will be made free of charge apart from any metal cost or the cost of any implant components that are required.
  • If it is found that the material used was not suitable for the particular case, the item will be remade in a new material at a cost decided by JJ’s. 
  • This warranty is limited to the cost paid by the customer for the item provided or the replacement or repair of the item provided only. 
  • The warranty is only valid from the date of manufacture of the original work and will not extend to any further remakes.
  • This warranty excludes any liability whatsoever for clinical costs, damages or consequential costs of any nature direct or indirect arising out of material failure of our product between the customer and the patient. JJ’s does not accept liability for the treatment plan provided by the customer to the patient and no advice given or representations made by JJ’s to the customer will constitute the establishment of a doctor-client-patient relationship between JJ’s and the customer or the patient. Responsibility for the diagnosis and prescription of a treatment plan rests solely with the customer.