Complete All On 4 Solutions

Removable Overdentures on locator abutments These dentures are processed on locator style implant abutments. We can incorporate a cast metal strengthener for longevity of the denture (recommended).

These dentures are made using a fixed bar with retention components incorporated into the denture. These systems can include preci-clips, dolder and hader clips as well as a wide variety of ball attachments and retentive clips welded to the bar. We will assess what system is best for each case. The denture can also incorporate a metal strengthener or a milled metal interface for longevity.   Advantages of this denture is ease of cleaning around the implants.

These dentures are processed around a fixed bar designed to support the denture accurately. This is our most cost effective fixed implant denture restoration. We use titanium for our bars.

These are our most aesthetic implant restorations and include:

– Full zirconia bridges
Highly aesthetic, however the one disadvantage is that if they fracture a whole new bridge must be fabricated. Even the slightest of discrepancies in the implant impression can cause a failure in time.

– Milled e-Max or Zirconia crowns on titanium/ co-cr bars
This is the system of choice for our Laboratory. Individual crowns are cemented onto a metal frame. The frame is one piece and incorporates the implant interfaces. These restorations are strong and light. Individual crowns can be replaced without removing the bridge. Just a clean up of the prep and a new impression can be taken if the original file is no longer available. Gum can be accurately matched with SR Nexco material.

Full PFM bridges on milled or cast metal superstructures
This is the traditional method used to make full implant bridges. If the ceramic fractures it is extremely difficult to repair.